Small Louis

The Small Louis features a finely carved period-style mantel with delicate artwork and exquisite fluted columns.  Originating in 16th century France, this design is truly a work of art.


  • Small Louis standard, as shown, will accommodate fireplaces from flush up to 2” extended from the wall.
  • Hearth and surrounds are available for this mantel.
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The Louis XVI fireplace mantel is an embodiment of the neoclassical elegance of 18th-century France. Adorned with intricate foliage carvings and a touch of delicate floral curves atop the rectangular columns, this mantel exudes a refined classical aesthetic. The inner frame, maintaining a sleek square shape, adds a sense of architectural symmetry and balance to the design. With the Louis XVI mantel, bring the timeless allure of neoclassical French style to your living space, creating an ambiance of sophistication and grace.


Material Type

Material Type

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Black, White, Blue

Colour & Texture Options

White Limestone, Natural Limestone, Honed White Limestone, Honed Natural Limestone


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