Anatomy Of a Mantel


The uppermost part of a fireplace, usually with decorative edging.

Mantel shelf

A flat horizontal slab jutting from the wall for displaying art pieces.


One of the two vertical columns on either side of a fireplace.


The bottom portion of a fireplace that extends out into the room.


A vertical slab of tiled masonry directly above the mantel shelf.


The area below the mantel shelf, usually with delicate carving on it.

Internal Surround

Beautifully tiled to compliment your fireplace surround.


Fireplace insert sold seperately.

Quality & Durability Of a DaVinci Mantels


We use a specially formulated compound of lightweight materials to get twice the strength of concrete without the brittleness, making our product far superior to any other architectural cast stone mantel. Easy to clean and maintain, our fireplaces and mantels are the pride of any interior settling.


A unique pigmentation process is used to bring out the natural coloration of authentic stone. Not only does it look grand, but also makes it more resistant to any surface damage.


The multi-stage production process builds in quality and durability at every level. Special treatments double seal the pores making them water repellent and able to resist staining more efficiently.