The look of authentic stone, gracefully curved into a mantel arch, gives the Chateau a chic and glamorous appeal.  The perfect centerpiece of a living room that’s out of the ordinary.


  • Chateau standard, as shown, will accommodate fireplaces from flush up to 2” extended from the wall.
  • Riser is available for this mantel to extend the height.
  • Hearth and surrounds are available for this mantel.
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Featuring a minimal design suited to boost the elegance of your home, the Chateau mantel embodies a perfect fusion of contemporary style and a timeless French style arch finish that resonates the grandeur of royalty. Elevate your living space with its refined beauty and make a captivating statement that exudes sophistication and charm.

Material Type

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Black, White, Blue

Colour & Texture Options

White Limestone, Natural Limestone, Honed White Limestone, Honed Natural Limestone


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